Round 1: School Questions

Question 1.  (i) Ramsgate Baths (ii) A supermarket/shopping mall (Coles)
Question 2.   Mr Waterhouse
Question 3.  (i) Virginia   (ii) One hour
Question 4.  Mr Knox
Question 5.   Miss RAWley
Question 6.  (i) Miss Stead (ii) Kindergarten (iii) Mrs Willan  (iv) Fourth Grade
Question 7.  (i) Miss Curtis (ii) Missing finger on her writing hand (left?)
Question 8.  (i) Miss Duggan (ii) The Magic Toy Shop
Question 9.  Mrs Guilfoyle
Question 10. The Sandwich
Question 11. (i) Mr Walker (ii) Tripoli (a.k.a 'The United States Marines') ; D'ye Ken John Peel; The British Grenadiers
Question 12. The Ash Grove; The Road To Mandaly


Round 2: Oatley Questions

Question 1. Oatley Bay = Green bus. Gungah Bay =  Red bus
      Driver(s) name(s): Lind, Sanders, and Kincaid (Peter's Dad)
Question 2. (i) A brick works/quarry (ii) Page Manufacturing (iii) Motor car number plates
Question 3.    Cec Sainty
Question 4.    LU
Question 5.    ... when Sandy is handy? (Thanks to Juliet Derry for this info.!)
Question 6.    Mr Farrell
Question 7.    Mr Fenwick
Question 8.    Mr Lawson
Question 9.    Mrs Dunsmore
Question 10.  Mrs Hodge - Rob's mother.

Round 3: 1963: That was the year when...

Question 1. Robert Gordon Menzies
Question 2. Arthur Calwell
Question 3. Channel 10
Question 4. Bob Heffron
Question 5. Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler
Question 6. Oz
Question 7. Gatum Gatum
Question 8. Polio, using  the Salk vaccine
Question 9. Christine Keeler
Question 10. The Thresher
Question 11. Craig Breedlove
Question 12. Bernard "Midge" Farrelly
Question 13. Barry Mackenzie

Round 4: Odds and Sods, Bits and Bobs.

1.  A: Twiggy.   B: Justine De Villeneuve.
2.  A: Bob Dylan
3.  A: Richard Starkey
4.  A: James ( Paul ) McCartney (Knighted 1997)
5.  A: (i) Ringo (ii)  Jimmy Nichol
6.  A: (i) 2UW (ii) Ward "Pally" Austin, a.k.a. the White Knight. (Died in 1998)
7.  A: ... Stompie-Wompie Real Gone Surfer Boy, yeah, yeah,  yeah, yeah.
8.  A: Gus
9.  A: Reggie Quartly
10. A: Barbara Billingsley, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow, and  Gerry Mathers as the Beaver.