Uncertain Journeys Volume  I : The Gard Family Goes to Britain

Travel, the great cliché of our age.

Millions venture abroad and return with a thousand unremarkable photos and a swag of dreary anecdotes. Stephen Gard joins these drones, and in Uncertain Journeys tells in unrelenting detail the day-by-day doings of the Gard family in England, Scotland, Wales, The Republic of Ireland, and a bit of N.I. too.

The Britain they visit is the Britain of 1991. It’s a Britain before smart-phones, social media, and Miley Cyrus. It’s the Britain after the grudging departure of Margaret Thatcher. It's the Britain of Princess Diana; of the cease-fire in Iraq; of a multi-million pound Spurs player suffering cruciate knee-ligament damage; of the first female pilot in the Royal Air Force; of a Channel still unchunneled.

These matters are mentioned scarcely at all in ‘Uncertain Journeys.’ Instead, we have the rollicking tale of four alert and unarmigerous Australians abroad, and their warm welcome from hotel receptionists and ticket machines throughout the Queendom; a clan of feckless colonials knocking about the United Kingdom seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, and faltering their way from Heathrow to hell-won’t-have-it.

Their Britain is the Britain of shell-suits, scampi, Susan Ryder, squirrels, and the Ford Sierra. Of Berni’s, of ‘Do The Bartman’, of appalling Brit breakfast television. Of ruined castles and rented cottages, crumbling abbeys and rumbling tummies.

Uncertain Journeys is written in Stephen’s most saucy and erudite manner. All you want and more, in a signed, numbered, limited edition of 40 copies.

This book will not be made available in digital format.

Casebound (hardback). 140 pages, illustrated throughout in colour and B&W.
Book size: 260mm x 195mm. Weighs 1.9 kg packed.
ISBN 9 780992 475161

$AUD95.00 each, inc GST
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